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Wing chun kung fu

What is Wing-Chun?

Wing-Chun is a truly amazing and effective southern Chinese Kung-Fu style. It is one of the most practical and popular Chinese martial art systems. Wing-Chun is a perfect art for any possible actual self-defense and combat.
Wing-Chun, being an advanced and a very aesthetic method of self defense, includes three hand forms, one wooden dummy form, eight kicking principles, the butterfly swords, the 61/2 point long staff, one rattan ring form and the Chi-Sao (sticky hands) training method unique to Wing-Chun.

The famous Wing-Chun drill "Chi-Sao" helps develop the 13 principles in Wing-Chun, such as posture, position, timing, distance, power, the way, reaction, guts, aggressiveness, controlling, decision, reserve and adjustment, as well as mastery over the techniques of the system. When practiced correctly, Wing-Chun will lead to balanced development of the 3 aspects: physical, mental and spiritual.

“Wing-Chun relies on biomechanics and correct use of the body structure and angles, not brute force.”

Wing-Chun, therefore, is a scientific yet theoretically based martial arts form. A Wing-Chun practitioner is a professional close-range combat fighter who is able touse defense and attack at the same time. Practitioners utilize well-coordinated angular deflections with simultaneous attacks. A Wing-Chun practitioner is agile yet powerful, delivering quick, close-range punches and kicks rather than locks and grabs.

“Wing-Chun is based on the concepts and principles of simplicity, economy of movement, and economy of energy.”

Other than the martial arts elements discussed above, Wing-Chun practitioners learn how to use Wing-Chun principles in their lives: at work, at home, while driving, shopping, during the unexpected problems encountered, etc. Therefore, being able to apply these major principles to their everyday lives, all Wing-Chun practitioners feel more comfortable and self confident, because the way they look at the daily problems is completely different when compared to others. Let’s take Chi-Sao exercises as an example: during these trainings, Wing-Chun practitioners develop sharp and relaxed reactions against any attack or change in pressure applied towards them. This leads to development of a high level of sensitivity along with soft but fast reflexes which are quite necessary in daily life. Decision making skill is one of the core issues discussed in almost every field of our lives. Wing-Chun trainings provide the practitioners with a high level ability of decision making when needed. And this is a vital quality required in the business world as well as any other field in our life.

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